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Use That Extra Hour Each Day to Improve Your Short Term Vacation Rental


            I always use spring to make improvements and do the big cleaning projects. I don’t know it its because the weather is cooperative and I have more energy or maybe because spring…aka the ‘mud season’ is my slow season and I have time…and I get nervous because I don’t have as many bookings. I put that nervous energy to work!


          Whatever it is, I use spring to get stuff done! Its a great time to get the outside of your vacation rental property in tip-top condition. Plant flowers in pots on  your patio or get the yard cleaned up and ready for summer BBQs and games of volleyball. Trim the trees and even plant new trees or tend to those decks that aren’t looking so new. Maybe plant some wildflowers to give your property more of the local flair.Take advantage of the decrease in activity and take proactive measures to stain the deck and paint the house if necessary. Whatever you can do to spruce it up for the rental season.


            Do you need to upgrade your pots for potted plants? Is your BBQ pit on its last leg? If so, you don’t  have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new grill. Maybe you can just spruce it up a bit with some high heat paint and get through another year without that big expense.


          Consider buying a hammock for your guests (and for you, when  you finally get to relax and enjoy your place). Maybe a yard game or a fence so you can increase bookings by allowing pets? Get creative! Each of those little improvements really add up and make an impression on your guests!

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